Counselling Service Leicestershire


Psychodynamic counselling is an approach that our behaviour and feelings as an adult are rooted in our childhood experiences. Our early experiences of how we are treated as children can be repeated in how others treat us as adults. Psychodynamic counselling is about enabling a client to make changes in their life by understanding the causes of their issues and the relationships that were formed in their early years. Through a secure relationship with the counsellor the client is able to explore how their early relationships have shaped their present experiences and expectations and work together to encourage the unconscious to become conscious thereby allowing the opportunity for choice and change. The counselling provides a safe place in which to explore past and present feelings and the meaning of past and current relationships. This type of therapy is particularly useful for people who have tried short-term counselling and CBT and still find they have the same relationship problems. People who find themselves repeating the same mistakes and relationship patterns may find psychodynamic counselling useful. When a child’s development is arrested, when feelings are repressed, especially the feelings of anger and hurt, a person grows up to be an adult with an angry, hurt child inside of them.This child will spontaneously CONTAMINATE our adult behaviour. This neglected,wounded inner child of the past is the major source of human misery. Until we reclaim and champion that child, he/she will continue to act out and contaminate our adult lives. Early traumas can lead to complicated PTSD giving symptoms similar to having bipolar or other mental health issues. Therapy can help heal the source of the traumas and stop the triggers being suffered now.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapeutic approach that addresses dysfunctional emotions, maladoptive behaviours and contents processes and conflicts through a number of goal-oriented, explicit systematic procedures. It is a fairly short term therapy which works to offer clients techniques to manage symptoms. CBT acknowledges that there may be behaviours that cannot be controlled through rational (cognitive) thought. It is believed that the way we feel about something is determined by the way we think about it, and so if we can challenge the negative thought patterns associated with an event we can also change both the emotional and behavioural consequences of that event. CBT is thought to be particularly useful for a number of conditions such as anxiety, panic attacks, eating, OCD, phobias and self-esteem.

Children and Young People Counselling – we are both trained counsellors presently work in local primary and secondary schools as well as seeing young people at St. John’s Church Centre and in our counselling room at home in Earl Shilton. We help clients deal with a wide range of physical, emotional, sexual and neglect health problems including the consequences of split families, insecure attachments, anger, bullying, anxieties, panic attacks, self-harming, bereavement, eating disorders, body image, autism, ADHD and self-esteem.


Couples counselling is available and can be provided by us as a married couple. This can have the advantage of 2 qualified counsellors seeing the couple so that individual counselling can be facilitated if required and better allows impartiality. Many of the relationship issues presented are improved by learning communication skills and the abandoning of assumptions and preconceptions.