Counselling Services Leicestershire


After 6 years of training we both passed our Higher Education Diploma in Contemporary Psychodynamic Counselling from Leicester Vaughan College. We are both members of the British Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (BACP) and Cathy is an accredited counsellor (UKRCP). We have been counselling for many years in the Hinckley, Leicester, Rugby, Nuneaton, Coventry area.

We both have particular experiences with issues caused through bereavements, depression, anxieties - social, health, sexual and mental health, panic attacks and issues caused through negative thoughts, anger, relationships, insecure attachment, spirituality and traumas caused from sexual, physical and emotional abuse. We believe that many relationship problems today are caused through insecure attachments experienced in early years. We undertake couple counselling and as a married couple offer a unique service. We also have extensive experience working with children and young adults. We have also a lot of experience dealing with inner child issues where trauma, abuse and controlling behaviours are affecting how we relate as an adult to other people. As a child, our perceived lack of love from our carer and our decision that we are not lovable can cause us to form a false self leading to our wounded inner child contaminating and sabotaging our relationships as adults.

Early traumas can lead to complicated PTSD giving symptoms similar to having bipolar or other mental health issues.